Friday, November 1, 2013

Luderitz from the Air!

Check out some of Windsurf Australia's photos of the Luderitz Speed Canal from the helicopter! I never knew the canal was that close to the ocean!  

More can be found on their Facebook page at

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Efficiency So Far for this Season

Well the season is finally coming to an end so I spent some time analyzing my GPS data for 2013. Was curious to what my top speeds were in low, mid, and "high" wind conditions (in relation to cabrillo beach) and found them to be: 

(5'10" and carrying 63kilos of muscle :D)

Low Wind (9-13kts): 28.52kts (2sec)
w/ 95L AHD Sl1, Select Vmax 35, & KA Koncept 7.5

Medium Wind (13-17kts): 30.04kts (2sec)
w/ 95L AHD Sl1, Select Vmax 31, & KA Koyote 6.6

High Wind (17-20kts): 32.04kts (2sec)
w/ 95L AHD Sl1, Select Vmax 31, & KA Koyote 6.6

W/ Chop: 30.86kts 
w/ 95L AHD Sl1, Select Vmax 31, & KA Koyote 6.6

Overall I'm pleased with my results this season as I started the "quest for speed" in April.  Definitely excited for next season to see what the 2014 Koncepts will do for me in medium to high winds :D  So far the 7.5 Koncept I have been using has been very promising and has shown to be about 2-4kts quicker than my 7.4 Koyote.  Looking for some new personal bests next season!!  I'll finish analyzing the rest of the data later such distance traveled this season and other miscellaneous facts.   


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2014 KA Sails Now Online!

Proud to say that a no cam 2010 KA Koyote beat out newer 2013 3/4 cam sails and set the fastest 10 second run at Cabrillo Beach. Excited to see what numbers the 2014 KA Koncepts will do!

Check out the 2014 KA Line up at

And of course if you are from the states, order your 2014 KA sails @ !


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Specs are X-Fire V6 and KA Race/Koncept

Below are the spec sheets for the RRD X-Fire V6 courtesy of the guys from seabreeze.  


A lot of marketing on that sheet IE "Toro Tail" / Trim Tail but what I will say is it seems like the RRD guys got it right with the V5 as the Antoine and Julian got 1st/3rd respectively for the PWA Slalom rankings.   At my home spot you didn't really see or hear about RRD until Antoine switched to them last year.  Currently I believe there are only 2 guys with RRDs, Lorenzo with his FireMove and Raviv with his FireRide.  If I were to get an RRD it would probably be the X-fire but it wouldn't be my top choice though as I don't like the cut outs.  The 90L doesn't seem to have any but for me I still feel its too wide.  For slalom I'm sure it does well but for my sailing style I'd prefer a 95l to be 55 wide at most so maybe 50-52ish for anything smaller.  

Lorenzo has told me he would like to get the X-fire but I asked him whether or not he would really benefit from getting one (his gybing is a bit off still).  We will see though what he does! Maybe I'll even be able to write a review on it!


NOW to the really important stuff: Specifications of the new 2014 KA Koncepts and KA Race.  As mentioned in a previous post, I ordered a Koncept in 5.4 and 6.6 for 2014.  I currently don't have plans to upgrade the 7.5 (2013) to 2014 but that could change.  According to Jurg, the sails should arrive in February. 

 Anyways back to the specs, the luff/boom lengths seem to remain the same from 2013 which is a good thing.  I am also really digging what they did with the upper portions of the sails.  I feel like this would definitely increase the durability of that section.  My older Koncepts have monofilm there and wear down faster than the rest of the sail as they are looser in nature than the rest of the panels.   Another interesting fact according to KA is that the 6.2 and smaller have been optimized for speed sailing with more shape in the lower foil while the 6.6 and bigger are optimized for slalom and across the wind sailing.  This kind of worries me as my decision was to go with 5.4 and 6.6 but now I'm considering changing to a 6.2.  Maybe even a 6.3 KA Race would do?  I'll see what Jurg thinks

For 2014, my sail quiver will only have Koncepts in sizes of 5.0/5.4/5.8/6.6/7.5.  Definitely excited for the 2014 season!  


10 Seconds

10 seconds from Michel Meijer on Vimeo.

"What drives a man to invest so much time, money and energy in 10 seconds of euphoria or disappointment? The misunderstood battle with the elements, the internal struggle, the battle with others, 10 seconds ... is the story of the man behind the speedsurfer."

It's been out a while but I didn't know about it haha.  Jeff from KA shared it with me yesterday and damn it has been on replay since!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2014 KA Race and Koncept

Tony and and Andrew with their new sails!
Looks like the guys at Luderitz have received their 2014 sails!  The Koncept looks just like the artist rendition Jurg sent me but even better in real life!  After seeing this photo I decided to go with a 5.4/6.6 for 2014.  Looking forward to seeing how the Aussie's do at Luderitz with their new sails!  


Friday, September 20, 2013

New Select VMAX and Speed Fin

Well it's that time of the year again where the new gear comes out!  (2014)

As you already know I am a big Select fan and have been using them for the last 2 years.  Recently been using their VMax fin which is their top of the line slalom fine.  While it is a slalom fin I have found that it fits the role of a medium wind speed fin for me.  I bought the 31 and the 35 shortly after trying the 31 on my old Tabou Rocket.  Probably should have waited a little longer as the 2014 has now been released and according to Jurg I should be able to get it in about 4 weeks.  Kind of a bummer as the season is over by than really.  

VMax 2.0
According to Select they have made the following changes to the VMax line up: 
 " We have increased the rigidity of the body to provide more grip and optimized the tip flexibility to generate more lift as well as lowering the twist."

"Another detail that worth mentioning : There will be a little less rake for sizes above 43cm"

From what I thought/saw, the chord definitely seemed like it got longer but according to select that was just an optical illusion from the picture and the chord remains the same as the VMax 1.0.  I also noticed that it seems that the VMax 2.0 has less rake than the 1.0 but still waiting on Select to confirm.  I do know that they did reduce the rake for 43 and above. The VMax 2.0 will be available in 27 to 61 cm's.

As I already have a  Vmax 1.0 in 31 and 35, I will probably be getting the the 2.0 in 31 (to compare) 33 and 37 for low winds.  Probably will get them sometime in October so hopefully there is some wind than.  

The other new fin Select has released is their new speed fin called the "Hot Rod".  I guess they aren't putting the name Casper in the title anymore but Casper Verhaagen is still designing them.  Last week I was about to order a Casper Crossfire in 29 and 31 but luckily I waited it out and will probably shift my order to the Hot Rod in the same sizes.  Maybe even a 33 for medium wind days at Cabrillo.   If I have the available funds, I'd also like to get a 27 for winter storm days...but we shall see!  

I'll be sure to write up a review on them when I get them in (hopefully 4-5 weeks). 

Wind forecast for this weekend is looking good so hopefully I'll be able to get in a good speedsailing session for September's GPS Challenge!


Sunday, September 15, 2013

2014 iSonics

Found this link on seabreeze which shows photos of the new 2014 iSonics.  All of them seem to have similar if not same cutouts/trimtails except for the 90.  Definitely an interesting shape for sure.    I gotta say I'm not really digging the blue color...I liked the color/paint job of last years and the previous years before that.

Check it out!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I've been pretty tired from sailing four days straight + making all the charts/graphs for the GPS Challenge so haven't really had time to work doing any write ups!  But today is a rest day for me so time to get cracking! 

The forecast for the whole weekend+friday was looking pretty good but according to the data we would have a pretty slow ebb tide.  Obviously this wasn't the ideal conditions for any speed record breaking attempts so I came to the beach on friday focusing mainly on slalom training.  The sand was blowing on the beach so I decided to rig my Koyote 6.6, AHD SL1 95, and 31 Vmax.  Probably could've used the 7.5 Koncept but was powered up decently on the 6.6. 

I had to constantly remind myself every time I got close to the speed line that today was about slalom and not speed as a I had the urge to bear off deep...  The wind itself was filled in maybe 2/3rds of the tack so not bad at all.  Sailed maybe short of 2 hours as the wind started dying and only 1/3rd of the tack was filled by the time I stopped.  Definitely felt like I broke 20 finally in Alpha@500...and I said I wasn't going for any records today..heh.  Got home and rushed to the computer to check my results and ended up with a 30.90kt 2 sec peak and a best alpha@500 of 20.86kts!  I was expecting a good alpha bu definitely not the 2 sec peak so I was quite content.  

Today though I felt like my gybing was really smooth and the telemetry confirmed it:
Alpha@250 average: 18.46kts
Alpha@500 average: 20.22kts
Alpha@1000 average: 20.63kts

Definitely pleased and will probably spend Saturday doing the same slalom training course I did today. 

Saturday was mainly spent doing slalom training/focusing in gybes.  Basically a repeat of Friday.  Sunday had been forecasted to be the stronger day of the weekend but in reality it started howling at noon on Saturday.  Steve and I were the first to arrive and rig up so we caught the majority of the 20+ winds.   Ended the day early too as I wanted to go spend time with Vivian. 

Sunday, supposedly the stronger day as forecasted proved to best to be decent.  Since it wasn't howling I took my time to rig which resulted in the longest "from time of parking to on water" time of 1 hour...over 30 minutes slower than usual!  oops haha.  I blame that on me chatting with the folks,especially Cancho as he just got his new 2013 Starboard Isonic 117.  Today I was planning to get in some good runs for a balanced session for the challenge but I had a change of heart after seeing the Isonic.  Today was going to be another slalom day with my eyes set on the iSonic.  

Cancho had rigged a 7.3 I think while I rigged a 6.6.  In my own opinion, I believe he should've rigged an 8.5 but the "efficiency" bug has been going around Cabrillo lately... 

On the water he had about a 2 tack head start as I had issues with my adjustable outhaul.  Had to really focus on my turns to catch him as with out last encounter, Cancho had the pure straight line speed but lacked in turns.  Today though his gybing seemed a lot better with some almost planning gybes so I really had to put the hammer down to catch him.  I am definitely pleased to say I managed to catch him after about 5 tacks from start and ultimately lapped him 3 times after 16 tacks.  We both were underpowered at times but for the majority of the session we were powered up.  

Definitely very pleased with my KA Koyote, for a non cam sail it has proven to be quite quick.  Next year though I will be switching over to KA Koncepts as I have already placed my order with Jurg.  

I don't have much TOW with the Koncept but with what time I have had I can say this, the Koncept has proven to be one of the best sails I have ever used.  I'll be spending the majority of this week getting comfortable with an older Koncept and will write up a full report on my experience. But just for a quick recap, I used it yesterday and went past 30 knots so comfortably that I didn't even know that I had till I checked the gps.  I also shattered the nautical mile and alpha@1000 record at Cabrillo.  This sail is seriously fast and most importantly comfortable!  

Well that is all for now!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Records Are Made to be Broken!

Yesterday was definitely one of the best days of the last 2-3 weeks.  The forecast was almost spot on with its promising 20mph+ prediction.  Well more like 15-20mph for most of the day with a short stint of 20+ for about 20 minutes near the end of the day as the beach cooled down a bit.  I decided I was not going to miss the wind so I came earlier than usual: 12:45pm.  

The early birds were Lorenzo and I with Jim, Juan, and Igor coming later in the day.  Since I was trusting the forecast I decided to rig my 6.6 Koyote and 31cm Select Vmax.  The first hour of sailing was pretty good, definitely above average for sure as I had hit a 30.4 and 30.34kt peak in the first 5 minutes.  This got my hopes up high as the wind was getting stronger but all of a sudden died(went west).  That was when Lorenzo derigged and headed back to work.  I decided to come in and get some water and talk to Jim before going out again.  Thankfully it was getting strong again and Jim decided to rig his 6.0 and smaller board.  I personally think this is the bad luck rig as every time he rigs it the wind almost dies within 5 minutes!

Thankfully though the 20mph+ winds lasted for about 20-25 minutes.  My first run in the new conditions scored me a new spot record of 30.9kts!  The next run resulted in a 31.2kt max!  Now I was getting really excited!  I have been trying since the start of August to match the speed Philip Newmarch got on the outside (32.17kts) and today looked like it was going to be the day!  For the third run the stars must've been lined up just properly as the gust was strong and long which is rare for Cabrillo.  I definitely knew that had probably been one of the fastest runs I have ever done on the inside but wasn't sure so instead of gybing at the end I dropped in to check the gps...  32.08kts!!  I was now only .1 kts away from Philip's outside record!!  

But all good things have to come to an end and that is what happened.  The wind started to back off so I tried as hard as I could to catch all the remaining gusts I could.  Was only able to score 2 more runs at 31.5 and 31.4.  It should be noted that I wasn't the only one having a great day.  Jim Martin set the speed record for FreeRide at 29.68kts while Juan Yusti set the FreeRide 5x10 record at 25.9kts.  Well done gents!! 
Results for the day
Definitely was drain by the end of the day and was sure hungry!  Only had a little traffic going home as it was 6:30pm.  Got home, washed the gear down and had my traditional post-session ice cream sandwich :D.  Than made a pasta dinner with Vivian and called it a night.

I'll be back at the beach Friday in hopes of setting a overall balanced session for September's challenge. I didn't really focus on Alpha...: (


Nautical Mile Issues at CB Inner Bay

I believe I found out why we were having difficulties registering nautical miles (1 tack is .49km). With Min Speed Settings set to 5 knots, it required that you had to gybe on port. Most folks are tacking on port to get back up wind so we do dip below 5 knots which in turn causes the GT-31 to stop recording. Below is a screen shot of two different sessions but one is set to record continuously.

You can see some missing tracks in mid tack when a min speed value is set.

Now the question to whether turning min speed off will affect 1 hour speeds. Doesn't look like it will affect it that much...I guess it is better to have a nautical mile and hour reading than having just one reading!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Fellow Wind Junkie Could Use Your Help!

"Help for a friend.

For those of you who have spent time over the last 20 years windsurfing or kitesurfing from 3-mile to Waddell, you may have had the good fortune of meeting Ryan Augustin. He was an incredibly gifted athlete at both sports. But even more that, Ryan is a kind and great person who was always ready to lend a helping hand or drink that beer after kiting. Above all, Ryan was and is a great friend to many. Unfortunately, life has changed drastically for our good buddy.

On July 26th 2012, Ryan suffered an in-home cardiac arrest. Thanks to highly skilled paramedics and emergency room staff he survived the incident but was left with a severe anoxic brain injury.

His wife, family and friends were mortified and Ryan's life changed beyond belief in a matter of seconds. After many medical tests it was discovered that Ryan has a rare cardiac condition called arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia that was waiting to strike with devastating consequences at any moment. Ryan is still severely cognitively and physically disabled, confined to a wheelchair and unable to walk. Please open the link below to see you can help his recovery."

Monday, September 2, 2013

Clash of the Titans / Sunday

After a slow week I was eager for some wind on the weekend.  As it was labor day weekend, parking at Cabrillo Beach would charge a flat rate of $9.  I was going to go both days but decided to some some of the parking money for the "good" days coming up this week.  Ended up going on Sunday and made it to the beach around 12:30pm.  Parking was already full by than but THANKFULLY Marcos saved me a spot!  Much appreciated Marcos!  

At the time of arrival, the wind was blowing around 14-16mph.  Jack was already blasting along the entire tack with his medium gear.  This got me excited as I had high hopes of good winds for a final session for August's GPS Challenge.  Still though, the day could have turned out like the past week: really strong for about 15-25 minutes than nothing.  Either way I had paid for parking already and was planning on staying the whole day so I rigged "small": AHD SL1 95, KA Koyote 6.6 (on a new KA 100% SDM), and of course my beloved Select Vmax 31. 

 Jack rigged his AHD SL1 125, HSM Speed Demon 8.8, and his Select Vmax 51.   Marcos I think used his 115 Tabou Rocket LTD, Ezzy Infinity 7.0 (on a 100% KA 460 RDM - glad he liked it!) and his MFC 40 Liquid Pro.  Regarding Nestor's rig for the day, I know his used his infamous yellow Peter Thommen board w/ a 7.0 Ezzy (not sure which model) and unknown fin.  

By the time I got on the water though the wind was already dying down a bit but I was still able to plan most of the time.  I had some difficulties starting on the "speed line" as the gusts were mainly outside of the buoys while there was just some patchy wind near the shore/inner buoy area.  The first hour I only managed a 27.81kt max and was a bit disappointed.  From what I can recall, Jack hit 26.8kts while Nestor hit 25.51kts.  We weren't able to check Marco's unit as it had spiked and showed a max of 63.4kts.  At that moment I was still unhappy with my results but was somewhat comforted at the fact I still had the fastest run.  Though Jack was definitely in my rear view mirror. 

About 30 minutes later the wind started picking up but still the majority of it was on the outside of the buoys.  To make matters worse for me, Jack had hit a 27.87kt max.  SH***!  I spent the next 30 minutes trying my best to best his number but was seemingly punished with only sub 26kt runs.  I had decided to completely ignore my planned Alpha runs and only focused on max speed.   It took some time but I eventually managed a 28.3kt run, than after that a 28.7kt run.  I ended up capping the day with a 29.17kt run (28.80kt 2 sec peak).  Ultimately though the question remains, was it worth it to just focus on speed and ignore the other fields?

Sunday's results
After looking at the results, Marcos and I would've tied for best sailor of the day with 10 points overall.  It should be noted that Marcos has smashed my previous distance record of 61km with a 69km session.  He also set the new hour speed record at 16.59kts!  Well done Marcos!  

 I did notice that he was mainly going on the "common" speed line which results in much higher hour speeds and alphas while the "faster" speed line results in higher max speeds in the other 4 disciplines.  In retrospect, I should have focused on sailing a balanced session like I usually do on marginal days but ...couldn't let Jack run away with the fastest speed of the day!  

Seeing how these 2 different lines impact the results I can definitely see next month being very competitive in the aspects of which sessions sailors plan to submit and which disciplines they will focus in.  I look forward to it!  

Back to what happened Sunday,  near the end of the day on my last run Jack crashed hard going back upwind.  As I passed him going downwind I thought he was ok but going back up I saw that he was laying on his board.  This definitely was a scary moment and Jim and I immediately stopped by and made sure he was ok.  He was eventually picked up by the lifeguard boat and brought back to shore.  From his account, he was going upwind and hit a strong gust which caused him to catapult hard with his feet still in the straps.  This caused him to twist his back and resulted in some serious pain.  I hope he has a quick recovery for his trip to France!  

After helping Jack, I decided to call it a day and derigged.  The best part of the day was that since I had already paid for parking I didn't rush at all :D

Came home around 8pm and went to work on calculating the scores for August's GPS Challenge.  

Below are the results:

FreeRide class results
Slalom class results
Overall results

I'm very pleased with the outcome for August and definitely look forward to next month's competition.  I'll be down at the beach tomorrow in hopes of starting the month strong!  

Till Next Time!

Possible Replacement for the GT-31?

As you all know, Locosys will be phasing out the GT-31 soon.  So what can replace the GT-31?

Peter Richterich has been testing the FlySight gps unit (which is developed for wing suiters and sky divers) and so far the results look promising!  If you have the time, check out his article about the FlySight 


2013 GPS CS - Cabrillo Beach Inner Bay (August)

Won 4 out of the 6 disciplines and got 2nd/3rd in the other two!

Overall winner for the month of August!

Will do a write up later today, just dropped off the grandparents at the airport at 4:30am. Sleepy....

Friday, August 30, 2013

Some New Toys!

KA 430 SDM 100% Carbon + Windsurf Hawaii "Black Base" Tall Ext

Been sailing a lot lately!

Super pleased with the numbers I'm getting on the inner bay with my Koyotes.  Koncepts will be coming in for next season though :D

2014 Tabou Catalog

Enjoy!  I know several of the guys are interested in getting the "new" speedster/Manta FR.  Looks like a good board but according to Pritchard, no one in the US has one yet!  Maybe that will change soon...

From the looks of it, the 2014 Rockets from 115 to 135 will have new shapes.  I guess there standard construction is now called CED?  Marketing I guess.  I was talking with Matt Pritchard awhile ago and he told me that the newer rocket would not have as a pronounced double concave as the previous Rockets did.  So sort of similar to their original Rocket from 05-06.  Also what I like about the Rocket is that it doesn't have cut outs.  I myself have always found cut outs to cause gybing to be more difficult and shouldn't be on a board made for complete freeriding.  On the other hand, Starboard has put cut outs on their equivalent board so it doesn't interest me.   I've always felt that the cut out shapes cause drag and would require some careful designing to make them work.  None of the cut out shapes I've tried so far have excited me.  But who knows that can change this year!

From the looks of it, the Guru is based on the Rocket but in a heavier construction so the ding resistance would be beneficial to beginners.  A beginner friendly Rocket shaped board seems to be a big seller in my books.  Seems to be like what Fanatic has done with their Ray line; same shape as the Falcon but in a heavier construction.  

The other board that interest me in their 2014 line up is obviously the Manta.  For me the Manta is easily one of the smoothest slalom boards I have ever tried though at the cost of some speed from my experience.  In my own opinion, the speedster and thunder don't really interest me as I've always felt that I'd rather work out all the kinks in my form and technique before jumping to a faster board so I could fully utilize them.  I feel that the FreeRace category encourages people (not all the time!) to get gear to go faster rather than relying on their technique.  That's just me though!  Sorry if I offended anyone! 

From the looks of it, Tabou was in a rush to release this brochure as there is barely any information on the Manta.  It looks like the Manta 71, 85, and 85 will be all getting new shapes.  From what I can tell, they seem to be moving more towards a V instead of double concave on their Freeride/Race line up.  I would have to see the board in person before I criticized the design change...but I will say the main reason I really liked the Manta was its deep double concave.  Well not as deep as the HyperSonics but it was definitely there.  For speed runs in my area, that double concave would be very nice as most of the time the "speed line" is pretty rough and choppy.  

All in all I trust Fabian so....


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Larry Ellison's Response to The AC72 Capsizing

So this was Larry Ellison's response when he found out the AC72 capsize!
 Well done to the maker of the video!

There Is a Light at the End of the Tunnel!!

This whole week has been a royal PITA for anyone competing in the GPS Challenge.  The wind would pick up quickly than drop just as fast as it picked up.  We can thank that Tropical Storm Ivo for these conditions.  After Monday's debacle, I was hoping Tuesday would redeem Cabrillo Beach.  Sadly though, you really only had 2 options for Tuesday:

1) ONE really nice gust but lots of chop 

I lost a lot of speed hitting the rolling chop and couldn't get back up to speed as the gust had already passed

2) REALLY flat water but almost non-existent wind

You really gotta hate that feeling when you start your run but the wind dies and oversheeting mania occurs

All in all, Tuesday was a day where the wind gods were taunting me...grrr

Best peak I could get was a 27.85kt run :( To make matters worse the wind picked up to 20 right when I was about finished derigging...

This is where the light at the end of the tunnel started to fade...

Today though was different...I decided that the saying "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me" was going to be the motto for the day.  Around 1 I saw the wind was picking up and was tempted to go but was reminded about the motto of the day.  Waited till 2:30 to head out and made it just in time for a pretty nice 30 minute session.  If I could grade the day than it would be an A+ for general blasting and maybe B/B- for speedsailing.  The few brave folks who came out today were Jim, Steve, Igor, Kie, Kathy, and Jim.

Regarding on water conditions, it was high tide and the "speed line" was pretty rough/rolling chop.  On the bright side most of the inner buoy area was filled in (except for the area right in front of the sand - critical area for starting runs) so I was able to get in really close to shore to avoid the chop and do maybe a 5-7sec speed run along the sea wall.  Obviously my 5x10s, 100m, 250m, and 500m speeds would suck but at least I got to go somewhat fast :D.  Ended up setting a new competition 2 sec peak record at 30.5kts !!  Won't go into what I got for the rest of the categories...they weren't that awesome... always next time!

                                       This is how I felt after setting a new record...

I would like to add that WOW the AHD, KA, and Select Fins combo performed flawlessly today!  I was comfortable the whole time during the session with my AHD SL1 95, KA Koyote 6.6 (just fixed), and Select Vmax 31.  Only issue I had was 1 spin out which was during a tack that I was pushing the board really upwind (almost into irons).  Other than that everything was just PERFECT on the gear side.  I know Jurg always tells me he sells "balanced" gear but to be honest I never really understood what that meant till today.  It has definitely helped increased my speed(s) without compromising comfort which was a very important requirement for me.   I highly recommend you guys try the AHD/KA/Select trio! 

Not bad of a day at all!
Sadly though the session itself wasn't flawless and ended early thanks to the up and down wind we have been getting.  Ended the day with a quick dinner at the Lighthouse Cafe and went over to Jurg's to chit chat with him and Ron.  Also learned some rigging tips and tricks from the grandmaster himself!  It should be noted that I still, at my weight and build, prefer to use a rigging winch.  I just don't have that same strength that Jurg does!

Hoping tomorrow will be more consistent as the low tide will be around noon which should make for ideal speedsailing conditions as long as the wind is there.  I'll also be rigging an older KA Koncept for Serham to try so hopefully I can do that quick and get myself onto the water.  If not that I guess I'll have to deal with the crowds on the weekend...  

2008 KA Koncept 7.5

Till Next Time!