Thursday, August 15, 2013

2014 Tabou Boards, Starboard Wave Boards, and Gaastra videos

Looks like 13WindSurf has uploaded the teaser videos for Tabou, Starboard, and Gaastra's 2014 line up.  The Starboard one only has the wave boards and of interest the black box which is supposed to be a low winds small waves waveboard.  On the other hand Tabou shows some shots of their new Rocket, Thunder, and Manta in their video.  One thing I noticed was the Manta now has much larger cut outs.  I've never really been a fan of cut outs as it always seems to feel "draggy" on a speed run/deep downwind.  I've tried the 2013 Starboards and don't like their cut outs but haven't tried the RRD xFire with it's much hyped ToroTail.  One day..

Must also add that Tabou once again does have some interesting art work on their boards...

Also while not caught on tape, KA has been testing their new KA Race.  I definitely thought their 2012/2013 KA Race/Koncept were the best looking sails on the market so a bit disappointed with the "new" look but hey as long as it performs!

2014 Prototype KA Race 7.1 w/ sailor Daniel Thermann

Enjoy the videos!

Couldn't embed the other two videos so here are the links

Tabou 2014
 Tabou 2014 Catalog
Gaastra 2014

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