Thursday, August 22, 2013

2013 GPS Challenge Day 2

Jack's run

Well today was howling for sure!  Made it to the beach around 2 and was on the water by 2:30.  Was able to hit 29.5 knots on my warm up run than 34.7 knots on the next run.  At the end of the second run I hit what easily was a 25+mph gust and chop at the same time and ended up crashing.  Was unable to sheet in and slammed the front of the board with the mast; cracked.  

From the looks of it I thought it wasn't too bad at all and had probably only cracked the outer layer.  Had to make the hard decision whether to keep sailing or call it a day after only 10 minutes on the water.  Ended up calling it a day and spent the rest of the day drying the board throughly and fixing it for tomorrow.  I believe it was a good call!  Better safe than sorry! 

I must add that I'm incredibly thankful for Jurg @ WindsurfDeal who helped me at the last minute to inspect the board and repair it so I could get out and compete tomorrow!  Without their support this small issue probably would've had some lasting effects!

Besides the bad day for me Steve and Jack managed to get in their first runs for the GPS Challenge.  Steve hit a 2sec max at 27.24 knots while Jack managed a (in weaker winds) 27.67 knot 2 sec peak.  Haven't calculated the scores yet but from the looks of it, Steve would be in second and Jack in third.  Everything can change though with their second session!

EDIT:  Current standing has me in first and Jack/Steve tied for second.  Still awaiting the results from the others!

Jack getting his last run in
Even with the crash I'm still in a comfortable lead so hopefully I can recover from today's mishap and extend my lead even further tomorrow.  I managed yesterday a 2sec peak of 30.04 knots in about 5-7kts less wind than the guys had today so my competitive spirit is still high!  

Hoping for a good day tomorrow!

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