Tuesday, August 13, 2013

GPS Challenge Series - Cabrillo Beach Inner Bay (August)

Alright folks so after much lollygagging we are finally going to start the challenge!  Since we are starting it a bit late in the month you are only going to need to submit two of your *best* sessions.  The challenge will be a team and individual competition.

Information below is current as of 8/14/2013

There we be 4 different gear classes like LeMans! :

Free Ride - (Tabou Rockets, Fanatic Sharks, Xcite Rides, and etc)
Free Race - (Futuras, Rays, SuperSports, and etc)
Slalom - (iSonics, SL1/2s, Mantas, Falcons, xFires, and etc)
Formula - (Floating doors with mast tracks, HWR/LWRs, US147s, and etc)**

**Subject to change

To make matters even more confusing, there will also be Age Groups/Classes:  * I didn't come up with these names! they are all from GP3S!*

Junior (11-14)
Junior Plus (15-18)
Senior (19-35)
Masters (36-50)
Grand Master (51-60)
Super Masters (61-70)
Ultimate Masters (71-99)

These will be the following disciplines:

2 sec peak 
5x10sec average
Alpha @500m
Nautical Mile
1 hour

There will also be an overall winner for the month/year.
Here's a snapshot of the massive excelsheet that displays age class by gear class than just gear class than overall!
Took Sometime to Make!

Regarding GPS Units, as of now I have 2 gps units (GT-11 & GT-31) that can be loaned out to sailors when I am at the beach.  I should be at the beach on all the windy days!  I still highly recommend that you get your own GPS Unit + Aquacpac / water proof case as it would make it a whole lot easier to get sessions in.  I recommend the Garmin ForeTrex 301 which can be found for pretty good prices on eBay/Amazon + The AquaPac 218.

If you plan on competing please register an account at GPS Speed Surf.  You can find the link on the right side of my blog.  If you need help registering please contact me!  It can take sometime as you need to also register your home spot (Cabrillo Beach Inner Bay) and the gear you plan to use.  I'll bring my laptop to the beach if you guys need help with it.

Now to the actual competition itself.  Like mentioned before just strap the gps on and sail your best!  At the end of the day bring the gps to me and I'll run it through GPS Results V1.125 and upload the data to GPS Speed Surf for you.  At the end of month you yourself will select two of your sessions to be used in the calculation of your score.  It could be your fastest 2 sec peak session or the recommended most balanced session.  The choice is yours!  For the next FULL month though you will be required to send in at minimum 1 sessions at the start of the 3rd week of the month (Monday).  In total you will need 3 sessions (1 discard) per month.  We originally went with 4 + no discards but decided that a rule change was needed due to the lack of GPS units available to loan.  In short, we are trying to make it as fair to everyone as possible! 

The numbers in both sessions will be averaged and that will be your score for the month.  Team mates scores will be averaged the same way.  Regarding overall standings, if you place 1st in 2 sec peak and 3rd in Alpha @500m than you will get ONE + THREE points.  Whoever has the least amount of total points at the end of the month will be the overall month champion.

There will be trophies presented to 2013 overall class winners and 2013 overall winners!  Possibly dinner + awards at the light house (or potluck) at the end of the season!

As of right now I know that the following will be competing:
Jack Levi
Jurg Schnorf
Juan Yusti**
Kevin Do

**still needs to register on GP3S

Please contact me asap if you plan on competing!

My current points so far (subject to change for the better!)

Max 2 Sec: 29.16
5x10sec avg: 27.55
1 Hour: 15.28
Alpha @ 500: 18.62
Nautical Mile: 19.17
Distance: 54

If you have any questions please contact Jack/Me
Good luck to all!

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