Monday, August 19, 2013

Promising Week?

The forecast for the week looks decent. Mid teens across Tuesday to Friday but none for the weekend.  Let's hope that changes!  Today itself wasn't supposed to be good but right now (3:36pm) it's blowing 12-20mph!! Was going to go but Jack and I decided to go tomorrow instead.  We should be able to get in some good numbers for the GPS CS.  

On the bright side, the water quality right now for the inside bay is at it's best!  So definitely going to try to make it out to Cabrillo for the next 3 days straight unless Vivian has something to say about it...her birthday is tomorrow...

Forecast for the next 3 days
Hope to see some of you guys at the beach! 


PS: I have a 8.5/9.5 KA Koncept for demo.  If you are interested please contact me to set up an arrangement!  

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