Saturday, August 10, 2013

Punta Cana Club Med Day #3

Well I can say I got some sailing time in today!  After lunch the wind was picking up slightly; I'm going  to guess 12-14mph but 18mph+ gust.  I was able to get going with the gusts on the 6.2 AeroTech Action sail that I rented.  Surprisingly I managed to keep it going regardless of the pretty large hole in the 2nd panel.  Was a bit disgruntled that they rented out a sail with a hole to me while they let one of their workers use a perfect condition Neilpryde (bought from Vela).  Oh well I still managed to do well even with the hole and improper rigging (the batten was pushing past the mast...)!  

Used the 6.2 version today

The board I used originally was a JP Xcite Ride 120l but had to exchange it as the fin on it wasn't screwed in tight and was nearly falling out.  It was also too small for the 6.2 and any little back foot pressure would cause a spin out.  Switched over to a 130l Bic Techno with stock 40cm fin and was able to consistently plan for about 30 minutes.  Only complaint was the back of the board has ZERO anti slip so I had to be very careful during tacks and gybes or else I'd end up sliding off during the transition.  Other than that I'm quite pleased I was able to sail!

Some of the boards here had odd foot strap placement!

After the sailing session I went swimming at the pool for a little till the rain clouds came in.  It was quite fun to swim in a tropical rain storm.  I'll upload a video later.

Rain Clouds!

Hoping for more wind tomorrow!


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