Monday, August 26, 2013


Made all wheat pancakes in the morning with Vivian and gotta say these things aren't that good...I guess they are supposed to be healthy... 

Made it to the beach around 2pm and their wasn't enough wind to compete so spent the day just blasting around (barely) with my 7.4 Koyote, SL1 95,and 35 Vmax.  To be honest, it felt quite nice just to go sailing without constantly trying to set new speeds!  

BUT I did carry the gps with me though just to see how I would do in low winds.  Managed a 22.9kt best in 12-15mph winds.  I was actually surprised at how well the rig did for such marginal conditions.  For a 95L board it was going pretty good with the 35cm Vmax.  In most instances I would've probably used a 115 to 120l board with a 37 or 39 for days like this but ever since I got the SL1, I've been able to manage it in a wide range of conditions!

Rig for the day
Hoping the next week will be good.  If I can get in another 30kt+ run w/ a 5x10sec avg above 28 than I'll win August's GPS Challenge!  


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