Thursday, August 29, 2013

There Is a Light at the End of the Tunnel!!

This whole week has been a royal PITA for anyone competing in the GPS Challenge.  The wind would pick up quickly than drop just as fast as it picked up.  We can thank that Tropical Storm Ivo for these conditions.  After Monday's debacle, I was hoping Tuesday would redeem Cabrillo Beach.  Sadly though, you really only had 2 options for Tuesday:

1) ONE really nice gust but lots of chop 

I lost a lot of speed hitting the rolling chop and couldn't get back up to speed as the gust had already passed

2) REALLY flat water but almost non-existent wind

You really gotta hate that feeling when you start your run but the wind dies and oversheeting mania occurs

All in all, Tuesday was a day where the wind gods were taunting me...grrr

Best peak I could get was a 27.85kt run :( To make matters worse the wind picked up to 20 right when I was about finished derigging...

This is where the light at the end of the tunnel started to fade...

Today though was different...I decided that the saying "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me" was going to be the motto for the day.  Around 1 I saw the wind was picking up and was tempted to go but was reminded about the motto of the day.  Waited till 2:30 to head out and made it just in time for a pretty nice 30 minute session.  If I could grade the day than it would be an A+ for general blasting and maybe B/B- for speedsailing.  The few brave folks who came out today were Jim, Steve, Igor, Kie, Kathy, and Jim.

Regarding on water conditions, it was high tide and the "speed line" was pretty rough/rolling chop.  On the bright side most of the inner buoy area was filled in (except for the area right in front of the sand - critical area for starting runs) so I was able to get in really close to shore to avoid the chop and do maybe a 5-7sec speed run along the sea wall.  Obviously my 5x10s, 100m, 250m, and 500m speeds would suck but at least I got to go somewhat fast :D.  Ended up setting a new competition 2 sec peak record at 30.5kts !!  Won't go into what I got for the rest of the categories...they weren't that awesome... always next time!

                                       This is how I felt after setting a new record...

I would like to add that WOW the AHD, KA, and Select Fins combo performed flawlessly today!  I was comfortable the whole time during the session with my AHD SL1 95, KA Koyote 6.6 (just fixed), and Select Vmax 31.  Only issue I had was 1 spin out which was during a tack that I was pushing the board really upwind (almost into irons).  Other than that everything was just PERFECT on the gear side.  I know Jurg always tells me he sells "balanced" gear but to be honest I never really understood what that meant till today.  It has definitely helped increased my speed(s) without compromising comfort which was a very important requirement for me.   I highly recommend you guys try the AHD/KA/Select trio! 

Not bad of a day at all!
Sadly though the session itself wasn't flawless and ended early thanks to the up and down wind we have been getting.  Ended the day with a quick dinner at the Lighthouse Cafe and went over to Jurg's to chit chat with him and Ron.  Also learned some rigging tips and tricks from the grandmaster himself!  It should be noted that I still, at my weight and build, prefer to use a rigging winch.  I just don't have that same strength that Jurg does!

Hoping tomorrow will be more consistent as the low tide will be around noon which should make for ideal speedsailing conditions as long as the wind is there.  I'll also be rigging an older KA Koncept for Serham to try so hopefully I can do that quick and get myself onto the water.  If not that I guess I'll have to deal with the crowds on the weekend...  

2008 KA Koncept 7.5

Till Next Time!

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