Sunday, August 18, 2013

Well...that was a day

I had a lot of hope for today but shucks.  

Started the day with getting breakfast at Ham N Scram with Vivian than spent an hour and 20 minutes getting to Cabrillo.  Usually it only takes 24 minutes but due to the 605/22/405 closure there was traffic everywhere.  To make matters worse I realized I had forgotten the waterproofing bag for Jack's GPS.  Couldn't turn around due to the traffic so I ended up just going to West Marine in San Pedro to get a new bag.  Also stopped by Captain Kirk's to get a new set of harness lines.  So far I have spent $120 on harness lines this year; I guess I'm really hard on my harness lines haha.

Finally made it to the beach around 1:20 but the conditions were looking pretty bad.  Never got the chance to sail but had fun chit chatting with Kia, Tim, Eric, and Jack.  Peter and his son also stopped by and went sailing a long with Tak and his friends. I did rig up but ended up derigging due to worsening conditions.  Around 5pm the wind started to pick up so I was about to rig again but it dropped suddenly so gave up and helped Jack derig as quickly as possible since it was getting cold.

From what I can tell we have had over 10 new faces at Cabrillo this season! What a record!  Two new faces showed up today at the beach from Florida: Doug and Diana.  They had a bunch of AHD boards which really looked nice! (AHD ambassador so I'm biased) They had a few questions regarding the conditions but of most concern was the water quality.  As we all know Cabrillo is infamous for 2 things: The gusts and the water quality.  But amazingly this season the water has been given a rating of A/B a few times! Including today too!  You can check the weekly water quality thru the link on the side of the blog.

Eventually left the beach around 7pm.  I must note that I still have high hopes for the rest of the week! With that in mind, I'll be at the beach all week long so if you need to borrow a gps for the challenge give me a call!

Me, Jack, and Tak

Till Next Time!

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