Friday, August 2, 2013

Well...there was some wind...decent slalom practice

This whole week's forecast has been pretty low so surprisingly there was some usable wind yesterday.  I texted Jack at around 2 and made the call that there was going to be wind as it had started to average 12-17mph at the time.  Made it to the beach around 3pm and into the water by 3:30.  I rigged up my 95l AHD SL1/7.4 Koyote/37cm Select SL7 while Jack used his Starboard HWR formula/9.9 HSM GPS/?? size Makani Hahalua.  The wind wasn't completely filled in so we were only able to go with the gusts.  Like I said earlier, the forecast was pretty bad for the week so I can't complain about gusts as long as their was wind!

Wind graph of yesterday
On the water I must say I'm impressed with Jack's formula board +9.9 combo.  During the port tack/upwind I managed to hold him off thanks to the consistent wind past the buoys but on a starboard tack/downwind, he just managed to keep his speed through the lulls.  Basically got decimated by him on almost every downwind run!  Now that is usually opposite as he always gets me upwind on his other boards but downwind I'm a bit more challenging.   Some after session thoughts: I should've considered using the 118 yesterday as I probably would've managed the lulls better with it. I could've also released the downhaul on my 7.4 to improve the low end but I usually rig it for top end.  Oh well there is always next time!   Would definitely say Jack and I are ready for the competition for the Team Challenge!

On a side note, Issac was there and we had a chat regarding fins.  Now he is definitely interested in the Select VMax for his Starboard Hypersonic.  His main sail is a 9.5 so I recommended him a 47 or 49.  Thankfully Jurg has a 47 in stock so he can try it.  I know he will love it!  Also found out that Jack is planning on getting a 11.0 sail.  At his weight an 11.0 would be equivalent to a 6.0/6.6 for me so he will definitely be even harder to catch as his early planning threshold will have changed!

Till Next Time!

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