Monday, September 2, 2013

Clash of the Titans / Sunday

After a slow week I was eager for some wind on the weekend.  As it was labor day weekend, parking at Cabrillo Beach would charge a flat rate of $9.  I was going to go both days but decided to some some of the parking money for the "good" days coming up this week.  Ended up going on Sunday and made it to the beach around 12:30pm.  Parking was already full by than but THANKFULLY Marcos saved me a spot!  Much appreciated Marcos!  

At the time of arrival, the wind was blowing around 14-16mph.  Jack was already blasting along the entire tack with his medium gear.  This got me excited as I had high hopes of good winds for a final session for August's GPS Challenge.  Still though, the day could have turned out like the past week: really strong for about 15-25 minutes than nothing.  Either way I had paid for parking already and was planning on staying the whole day so I rigged "small": AHD SL1 95, KA Koyote 6.6 (on a new KA 100% SDM), and of course my beloved Select Vmax 31. 

 Jack rigged his AHD SL1 125, HSM Speed Demon 8.8, and his Select Vmax 51.   Marcos I think used his 115 Tabou Rocket LTD, Ezzy Infinity 7.0 (on a 100% KA 460 RDM - glad he liked it!) and his MFC 40 Liquid Pro.  Regarding Nestor's rig for the day, I know his used his infamous yellow Peter Thommen board w/ a 7.0 Ezzy (not sure which model) and unknown fin.  

By the time I got on the water though the wind was already dying down a bit but I was still able to plan most of the time.  I had some difficulties starting on the "speed line" as the gusts were mainly outside of the buoys while there was just some patchy wind near the shore/inner buoy area.  The first hour I only managed a 27.81kt max and was a bit disappointed.  From what I can recall, Jack hit 26.8kts while Nestor hit 25.51kts.  We weren't able to check Marco's unit as it had spiked and showed a max of 63.4kts.  At that moment I was still unhappy with my results but was somewhat comforted at the fact I still had the fastest run.  Though Jack was definitely in my rear view mirror. 

About 30 minutes later the wind started picking up but still the majority of it was on the outside of the buoys.  To make matters worse for me, Jack had hit a 27.87kt max.  SH***!  I spent the next 30 minutes trying my best to best his number but was seemingly punished with only sub 26kt runs.  I had decided to completely ignore my planned Alpha runs and only focused on max speed.   It took some time but I eventually managed a 28.3kt run, than after that a 28.7kt run.  I ended up capping the day with a 29.17kt run (28.80kt 2 sec peak).  Ultimately though the question remains, was it worth it to just focus on speed and ignore the other fields?

Sunday's results
After looking at the results, Marcos and I would've tied for best sailor of the day with 10 points overall.  It should be noted that Marcos has smashed my previous distance record of 61km with a 69km session.  He also set the new hour speed record at 16.59kts!  Well done Marcos!  

 I did notice that he was mainly going on the "common" speed line which results in much higher hour speeds and alphas while the "faster" speed line results in higher max speeds in the other 4 disciplines.  In retrospect, I should have focused on sailing a balanced session like I usually do on marginal days but ...couldn't let Jack run away with the fastest speed of the day!  

Seeing how these 2 different lines impact the results I can definitely see next month being very competitive in the aspects of which sessions sailors plan to submit and which disciplines they will focus in.  I look forward to it!  

Back to what happened Sunday,  near the end of the day on my last run Jack crashed hard going back upwind.  As I passed him going downwind I thought he was ok but going back up I saw that he was laying on his board.  This definitely was a scary moment and Jim and I immediately stopped by and made sure he was ok.  He was eventually picked up by the lifeguard boat and brought back to shore.  From his account, he was going upwind and hit a strong gust which caused him to catapult hard with his feet still in the straps.  This caused him to twist his back and resulted in some serious pain.  I hope he has a quick recovery for his trip to France!  

After helping Jack, I decided to call it a day and derigged.  The best part of the day was that since I had already paid for parking I didn't rush at all :D

Came home around 8pm and went to work on calculating the scores for August's GPS Challenge.  

Below are the results:

FreeRide class results
Slalom class results
Overall results

I'm very pleased with the outcome for August and definitely look forward to next month's competition.  I'll be down at the beach tomorrow in hopes of starting the month strong!  

Till Next Time!

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