Thursday, October 24, 2013

Efficiency So Far for this Season

Well the season is finally coming to an end so I spent some time analyzing my GPS data for 2013. Was curious to what my top speeds were in low, mid, and "high" wind conditions (in relation to cabrillo beach) and found them to be: 

(5'10" and carrying 63kilos of muscle :D)

Low Wind (9-13kts): 28.52kts (2sec)
w/ 95L AHD Sl1, Select Vmax 35, & KA Koncept 7.5

Medium Wind (13-17kts): 30.04kts (2sec)
w/ 95L AHD Sl1, Select Vmax 31, & KA Koyote 6.6

High Wind (17-20kts): 32.04kts (2sec)
w/ 95L AHD Sl1, Select Vmax 31, & KA Koyote 6.6

W/ Chop: 30.86kts 
w/ 95L AHD Sl1, Select Vmax 31, & KA Koyote 6.6

Overall I'm pleased with my results this season as I started the "quest for speed" in April.  Definitely excited for next season to see what the 2014 Koncepts will do for me in medium to high winds :D  So far the 7.5 Koncept I have been using has been very promising and has shown to be about 2-4kts quicker than my 7.4 Koyote.  Looking for some new personal bests next season!!  I'll finish analyzing the rest of the data later such distance traveled this season and other miscellaneous facts.   


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2014 KA Sails Now Online!

Proud to say that a no cam 2010 KA Koyote beat out newer 2013 3/4 cam sails and set the fastest 10 second run at Cabrillo Beach. Excited to see what numbers the 2014 KA Koncepts will do!

Check out the 2014 KA Line up at

And of course if you are from the states, order your 2014 KA sails @ !


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Specs are X-Fire V6 and KA Race/Koncept

Below are the spec sheets for the RRD X-Fire V6 courtesy of the guys from seabreeze.  


A lot of marketing on that sheet IE "Toro Tail" / Trim Tail but what I will say is it seems like the RRD guys got it right with the V5 as the Antoine and Julian got 1st/3rd respectively for the PWA Slalom rankings.   At my home spot you didn't really see or hear about RRD until Antoine switched to them last year.  Currently I believe there are only 2 guys with RRDs, Lorenzo with his FireMove and Raviv with his FireRide.  If I were to get an RRD it would probably be the X-fire but it wouldn't be my top choice though as I don't like the cut outs.  The 90L doesn't seem to have any but for me I still feel its too wide.  For slalom I'm sure it does well but for my sailing style I'd prefer a 95l to be 55 wide at most so maybe 50-52ish for anything smaller.  

Lorenzo has told me he would like to get the X-fire but I asked him whether or not he would really benefit from getting one (his gybing is a bit off still).  We will see though what he does! Maybe I'll even be able to write a review on it!


NOW to the really important stuff: Specifications of the new 2014 KA Koncepts and KA Race.  As mentioned in a previous post, I ordered a Koncept in 5.4 and 6.6 for 2014.  I currently don't have plans to upgrade the 7.5 (2013) to 2014 but that could change.  According to Jurg, the sails should arrive in February. 

 Anyways back to the specs, the luff/boom lengths seem to remain the same from 2013 which is a good thing.  I am also really digging what they did with the upper portions of the sails.  I feel like this would definitely increase the durability of that section.  My older Koncepts have monofilm there and wear down faster than the rest of the sail as they are looser in nature than the rest of the panels.   Another interesting fact according to KA is that the 6.2 and smaller have been optimized for speed sailing with more shape in the lower foil while the 6.6 and bigger are optimized for slalom and across the wind sailing.  This kind of worries me as my decision was to go with 5.4 and 6.6 but now I'm considering changing to a 6.2.  Maybe even a 6.3 KA Race would do?  I'll see what Jurg thinks

For 2014, my sail quiver will only have Koncepts in sizes of 5.0/5.4/5.8/6.6/7.5.  Definitely excited for the 2014 season!  


10 Seconds

10 seconds from Michel Meijer on Vimeo.

"What drives a man to invest so much time, money and energy in 10 seconds of euphoria or disappointment? The misunderstood battle with the elements, the internal struggle, the battle with others, 10 seconds ... is the story of the man behind the speedsurfer."

It's been out a while but I didn't know about it haha.  Jeff from KA shared it with me yesterday and damn it has been on replay since!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2014 KA Race and Koncept

Tony and and Andrew with their new sails!
Looks like the guys at Luderitz have received their 2014 sails!  The Koncept looks just like the artist rendition Jurg sent me but even better in real life!  After seeing this photo I decided to go with a 5.4/6.6 for 2014.  Looking forward to seeing how the Aussie's do at Luderitz with their new sails!