Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First Day of The 2014 Season

Well I finally managed to get myself to the beach and damn was it worth it! Picked up my new gear in the morning so I came a little bit late but thankfully the wind was still going.   Was definitely nice to see everyone again after the long winter.  If I recall correctly, there was at least 15 + guys there.  Now I already knew the Tabou Rocket was a popular board but now it looks like almost everyone has one!  The newest member  to the club would be Jim with his superb looking 115 LTD version.

Regarding the wind conditions, it was blowing west somewhere around 15-18 with 20ish gusts once in awhile. While it was good for general blasting, it didn't fill in to where the speed strip was so I spent most of the guy tuning the koncept and getting my footing back.  After a few attempts, I managed to get my gybing back than so more than pleased!  Eager now to get back on the water as much as a I can but sadly due to work and other prior commitments, I won't be able to head back to the beach for another 2 weeks.  This year I'll probably only be able to sail once and if lucky twice a week so...gotta make the best of it!

Next post I'll upload pics of the Koncepts and my first impressions.  Hopefully the mega winds will come soon and I'll be able to take the 5.4 and 27/29 Select Hot Rod out for the first time!


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